Double eyeshadow brush


Double brush, suitable for a versatile eye makeup: to blend and outline the contours.

Double synthetic brush that allows creating graphic and precision makeup and soft blending.
The brush with an oblique and thin cut allows outlining the eye contour with eye shadows and eyeliner.
The classic eye shadow brush, with a rounded cut, is used for elegant overlays of powders, illuminants and creamy eye shadows.
The light and resistant ferrule and the opaque black handle give the brush an elegant and professional look.

Place the oblique part of the brush on the eyelashes repeatedly and draw a very fine and precise line with eyeliner, powder or cream eyeshadow.
This brush is extremely useful also for delineating and thickening the eyebrows.
The brush with a rounded cut can be used to apply light and dark eyeshadows on the eyelid, blending them with each other, creating elegant color overlays.
We suggest cleaning the brush with the KORFF detergent for brushes.

Dermatologist-tested .

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