Istituto Ganassini di Ricerche Biochimiche S.p.A (hereinafter: “Istituto Ganassini” or “the company”) is determined to comply with the rules of conduct as of D.L. no. 196 dated 30th June 2003 (Code for Personal Data Protection) – that guarantees a secure, monitored and reserved online browsing.

This data protection policy could be modified in the future, in compliance with the legislative and regulatory amendments or integrations on the matter, thus we recommend to periodically visit this section of our website.

Pease, then, read through the rules that our company adopted to collect and treat personal data, and to offer a satisfying service to the users of our website.

Main principles of Istituto Ganassini’s privacy policy

  1. to treat personal information only for the purposes and in the modalities foreseen in the privacy policy submitted to the users each time they access a section of the website requiring a direct or indirect tracking of personal data
  2. use the data that the users chose to release
  3. use analytic cookies to draw anonymous statistics of our website, and technical cookies (sessions and functionalities) to ease the browsing experience
  4. use profiling cookies to design an enhanced promotional and advertising activity to reflect the user’s interests
  5. transmit personal data to third party (responsible for their own treatment) exclusively for the purposes as of our specific request and that we accurately selected
  6. communicate data to third party only for the activities related to the object(s) of interest or whether it is requested by Law, Regulation or Community Regulations
  7. respond to request of removal, change or integration of the information given, of opposition to the privacy policy terms for legitimate reasons, of opposition to the treatment of the personal information for informative communications on our projects and request of economical contributions to support our institutional activities
  8. ensure a correct and legit treatment of Your personal information, guaranteeing Your privacy, as well as applying suitable security measures to protect the security, the integrity and the availability of such information.

Privacy policy in accordance with art. 13, D. L. 196/2003

As explained in detail in the sections requesting the consent – previous authorisation to our privacy policy – to use personal data for the purposes of our website, all personal information is used to satisfy the needs or requests of the user. In particular all data collection activities – and consequent use of the data collected – is made only for the institutional purposes of Istituto Ganassini , such as, in particular:

  1. website subscription and access to the services reserved to registered users;
  2. Inquiries on our products and services;
  3. on-line sale of products;
  4. newsletter subscription;
  5. participation in our promotional activities;

The forms to be filled out contain both data that are strictly necessary to comply with the interest and whose failure to indicate will not allow the request to be satisfied, than optional conferment data.

The personal information released on this website will be treated both on paper that with electronic or computerised devices, with logics strictly related to the purposes indicated, and in the respect of the in-rule regulations in terms of security, for the reasons specified in the privacy policy visible to the user.

The company will not use the data collected for purposes different than those related to the service requested by the user and, in any case, only within the limits laid down each time in the privacy policy.

Only when expressively accepted, the personal data can be used to send informative and advertising material, promotions, surveys, and market researches, or for similar marketing activities, mostly by means of paper mail, e-mail, and phone calls. By means of a separate specific consent, the personal information can be used to track the interests and habits of the users in order to offer better-aimed promotional offers, in-line with the user’s profile.

Personal information will be shared only to parties expressively authorized by the company – and for the purposes agreed – to carry out those activities that are vital to comply with the aforementioned purposes; the categories of the subjects in charge of the role will be outlined in the privacy policy, time after time. In general, they are people that work to provide the specified requested services, in charge of the management, informative services, existing or potential customers relation, marketing and sales.

Istituto Ganassini di Ricerche Biochimiche S.p.A. - Via Pietro Gaggia, 16 20139 Milano (MI) – is the controller in compliance with D. L. 30th June 2003, n. 196, since it is the subject deciding the way and the purposes of the personal data’s collection and use, specified in each different privacy policy, which means employ to use such data and which security procedures are needed to guarantee their integrity, privacy and availability.

We guarantee the users’ rights as of art. 7, D. L. 196/2003 that allows to remove, change or integrate the information that has been spontaneously submitted, or request that they are blocked, transformed into anonymous information or oppose to their treatment for legitimate reasons or if the users no longer want to receive promotional and advertising material.

Consultation, change and removal of personal information – rights as of art. 7, D. L. 196/2003

It is possible to exercise in any moment the rights as of art. 7, D. L. 196/2003, as evidenced below in its essential part, by writing to: DM GROUP S.p.A. Via Ernesto Nazzaro, 2 - 10034 Chivasso (TO).

The user has the right to obtain:

  1. the confirmation that such personal information is or is not present in the database and details, in comprehensible form, of the data which is being processed and information concerning the source of the data, as well as the logic and purposes of the processing of the data if made by means of electronic devices; the request may be repeated, without prejudice to the existence of justified reasons, after at least ninety days;
  2. the removal, transformation into anonymous information or the blockage of the data processed in breach of the Law;
  3. the update, the rectification or, if the case, the integration of the data;
  4. to oppose, completely or in part, for legitimate reasons, to the treatment of the user’s personal data;
  5. to oppose to the treatment of the personal data for the receipt of advertising material, surveys and market researches, and interactive commercial communication.


The users’ personal data may be processed, manually or telematically, both directly from our company or from third parties with proven experience, technical abilities, professionality, and trustworthiness, working on behalf of our company, in the respect of the security and privacy of the information collected and always monitored by our company during their working activities.

The complete up to date list of the controllers may be requested by writing to: DM GROUP S.p.A. Via Ernesto Nazzaro, 2 - 10034 Chivasso (TO).

Third parties with access to the users’ personal data

Users’ personal data may be shared with third parties, responsible for their own use of such information, for activities related the fruition of the services of interest or to comply with the Law or in-rule regulations which foresee the submission of the users’ personal information, or with supervisory bodies. Whatever the case, the users’ personal information will never be disseminated without explicit users’ consent.

What are Cookies and how Istituto Ganassini uses them

Cookies are data saved on the hard disk of the computer that are sent from the users’ browser to a Web server and that reflect the users’ browsing habits. Cookies, then, allow the display of the services, website visited and the options that were shown while surfing the web.

The information is not submitted spontaneously and directly but they leave a trace when the user’s is active online.

In this sense we want to underline that the data tracked through cookies will be used only for technical reasons, to assure the most easy, immediate and prompt access to the website and its services, and a better browsing experience for the user. They can be used for profiling purposes only if the user specifically gave its consent.

The use of session cookies (which are not stored permanently on the computer but are automatically cancelled as soon as the browser is closed) is strictly limited to the transmission of sessions identifiers (made of random numbers generated by the server) needed to allow a secure and efficient navigation of the website. The session cookies employed in this website allow us not to employ other IT instruments potentially dangerous for the privacy of the users and do not allow the tracking of the user’s personal ID. In any case, it is possible to set the browser such as to be notified when a cookie is received and decide whether to accept it.

Analysis cookies are used from the site only for the statistical purposes and in an anonymous way. All third parties offering this service for our website, on the other hand, may use them for non-technical purpose, and even crossing them with other information already present in their database. To know more about cookies, please read the extended informative by clicking here

Navigation data

IT devices and software procedures track, during their normal use, some personal data whose submission is implicit in the protocols of the internet communication. These data are not collected to be associated to identified users but, by nature, could be elaborated and then associated with data owned by third party to identify the users. Such data include IP addresses or domain names of the computers in use to access our website, URI addresses (Uniform Resource Identifier), the time of the request, the method used to submit the request to the server, the size of the file obtained, the numeric code indicating the state of the reply given by the server (successful, error or similar) and other parameters relative to the operative system and the user’s IT environment. Such data will be used only for elaborate statistical information, anonymously, on the fruition of our website and to monitor its correct functioning, and are immediately cancelled afterwards. The data could be used to track down responsibilities in case of sabotage or cybercrime on our website.

Security of personal information

The company adopts suitable and preventive security measures to safeguard the privacy, integrity, and availability of the users’ personal information. As foreseen by the articles of Law in terms of personal data protection, we adopted technical, logistical, and organisational solutions to prevent any damage, loss even when accidental, alterations, unauthorized and improper use of the users’ personal data.

On the other had the company will not be responsible for all those false information submitted directly by the user (ex. incorrect e-mail address, domicile or other vital data), as well as of those information regarding the user that are submitted by third party, even when fraudulent.